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Our Programs

Our Programs

Our programming is based on the EYLF and NQF guidelines
and based on children’s needs.

Children are divided into groups:

Koalas (8 months – 3 years):

Babies and toddlers are developing new thinking, movements and language skills, using them to express individual feelings and independence.

We understand toddlers need for independence and will offer reasonable choices and provide opportunities for children to complete tasks on their own if they are able to, or with adult guidance and support.

Any effort or attempt towards independence will be encouraged, acknowledged and shared with parents and guardians. Dance and soccer lessons are also available at the centre.

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years)

Preschoolers use play to explore and imitate social roles to create and invent objects from and with things around them, and begin to develop a sense of responsibility.

With the acquisition of many new skills, they are often eager to do things for and by themselves.

Crestwood ELC will support children’s initiative by encouraging children to decide and do things for themselves (even to make mistakes, which are very important in the learning process); while helping the children to also understand and abide by rules and limits. Dance and soccer lessons are also available at the centre.