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School Readiness

School Readiness

We at Crestwood ELC provide a School Readiness Program for all
children who are due to start ‘Big School’ the following year.

School Readiness is a program that enables children to be ready for school and there are many elements that make a School Readiness Program work and successful. However, it should not be mistaken for preparing children to read and write, purely based on these learning capabilities.

Our School Readiness Program associated with The Early Years Learning Framework consist of the following elements.

  • Social and Emotional Capabilities and Maturity. “Belonging”
  • Being able to separate from parents/guardian when dropped off without distress.
  • Understanding responsibilities for own belongings, and caring and respecting other children’s belongings.
  • Communicating and responding to Educators in a positive manner.
  • Communicating and responding to peers in a positive manner.
  • Making connection with others around them, including their peers and the environment.
  • Following direction when intentional teaching is provided.
  • Making age appropriate decisions and initiating their own play.
  • Participating in group experiences without being side tracked and or pre-occupied.
  • Positively dealing with conflict, i.e. not hitting or hurting others when conflict arises or frustration is present.